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   NHS staff can use a code for a special offer when purchasing from ZooBooKoo

Positive Parents
Sue Atkins, author of the highly acclaimed 'Raising Happy Children for Dummies', shares her parenting expertise.

Family Fun Guide
The grown-ups guide to what kids like.

Irlen Institute  
Does your child need coloured lenses?  Irlen Syndrome affects the way the brain processes visual information.  It is not an optical problem.  It can cause distortions on the printed page, eye stress and physical and behavioural symptoms.  It is exacerbated by lighting, brightness, glare, high contrast, patterns and colours.  It affects 15 - 20% of the population.

Cranio Sacral Therapy Association 
When you just can't put your finger on the problem...  Craniosacral Therapy is attracting increasing interest for its gentle yet effective approach, working directly with the body's natural capacity for self-repair to treat a wide range of conditions in children and adults.

British Psychological Society  
Looking for an independent opinion about your child?  Registered educational psychologists can be found through this site.  Select 'educational' as work area.

Dyslexia Action  
'Parents' Section' giving advice on dyslexia, recognisinging it and answering questions about it. Describes how a child can be formally assessed and outlines multisensory teaching options.

Dyspraxia Foundation 

The term normally used is Developmental Dyspraxia or Developmental Co-ordination Disorder. The condition is thought to affect up to 10 percent of the population in varying degrees.

National Autistic Society
Information about the autistic spectrum.

Anagram Works 
Gifts and cards with clever anagrams.

For Mums everywhere.

Toy Tidy Company Ltd
Great storage solutions for toys.

What To Do With The
Wonderful ideas of what to do with the children in your area.

Parenting Without Tears
Articles and information about all aspects of parenting.

Candy Queen Designs
Really funky children's light switches - as seen on TV!

What's On 4
Classes, activities, groups and clubs.

It's A Parent's Life! 
Here's something to make you smile, kids will be kids and parents will be parents.  Perhaps you'll find a thought for the day, a good idea, maybe you'll burst into laughter or maybe you'll cry.  Follow this blog, it will grow on you.

Penny Lindop
Home of quirky hand-made cards and prints.

Women In Rural Enterprise has developed a full business support package for women across the UK wanting to develop and grow their rural business.

H Jackson Brown Jr
Collections of inspirational thoughts and quotes, moments of wit and wisdom to inspire you and children's observations.  Our homepage quotes are from Mr Brown's collections.

Suffolk Dyslexia Association
Helpful site for dyslexics and their families

Online DVD ordering

Golden Hinde Pirate Ship London
Fantastic visit for children in London (and for Mums and Dads)

Budget advance tickets online

Top Greetings
Fun jokes and photos - we found the stressed out cat here for our blog - thanks Top Greetings

National Childminding Association
Information about becoming a childminder or nanny and choosing home-based childcare

Video And Question List About Interviewing A Potential Childminder

Ofsted - Reports About Registered Childcare Providers

National Families Information Services
FIS's in your area with lists of all registered childcare providers

Providing Swaffham and Norfolk with games, puzzles and toys for all ages

Families South West

Everything for families, places to go, things to do...


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