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'The Cup Cake Dice is lovely,' Mrs Orders, Cambs, Dec 2016

'The World Cup Football Cube is all wrapped up for Christmas for my football crazy family,' Mrs King, Essex, Nov 2016

'The Human Body Cube is brilliant,' Mrs Gipp, Cambs, Nov 2016

'The Random Multiplication Mat is educational but fun! My granddaughters will love this!, Mrs Richards, Norfolk, Nov 2016

'The Human Body, Planets and Dinosaur Cubes are very clever,' Mrs Nutman, Glam, Nov 2016

'The World Football Cube is brilliant,' Mr Walden, Northamptonshire, Nov 2016

'I am very happy with the Times Tables in Order with the Secret Decoder,' Mrs Tuinen, Suffolk, Nov 2016

'The Dice Game looks well made and sturdy,' Mrs Parker, Essex, Nov 2016

'Dude Dice Level 2 is great,' Mr Inglis, Renfrewshire, Nov 2016

'The Spelling Cube and the Kings and Queens Cube are good,' Mrs Newman, Glam, Oct 2016

'The Secret Scholar Year 1 & 2 Write and Spell Words is fantastic and my 5 year old loves it. Can fit anywhere and has already helped her with her reading and spelling. The pen has a rubber on the end which the little one says is so 'cool',' Mrs Mwa, London, Oct 2016

'I bought the Times Tables in Order Mat with the Secret Decoder for a secret santa hoping it will bring many hours of out of school learning!,'Mrs Beesley, Derbyshire, Oct 2016

'I am pleased with my purchase of the Dude Dice game,' Mrs Merritt-Goode, Cambs, Oct 2016 

'I purchased 4 of the Dude Dice games for Xmas gifts - they look very interesting and have their own little bag too,' Mrs Tonieri, Surrey, Oct 2016

'The Planets Cube Books is an excellent item. It's very interesting to use - for all ages,' Mr Dempsey, Kent, Oct 2016.

'I am very happy with the Human Body Cube,' Mrs Abrehart, Derbyshire, Oct 2016

'The Multiplication Tables Random mat with the Secret Decoder should be excellent for my grandkids,' Mr Hendry, Angus, Sept 2016

'I bought Dude Dice as gift for 6 yr old.  It looks good with chunky size dice and the dudes looked funny and full of character,' Mrs Betteridege, Derbyshire, Sept 2016

'I am very happy with the Times Tables mat with the Secret Decoder,' Mrs Grant, London, Sept 2016

'The Times Tables mat with the Secret Decoder is a brilliant tool for my children to practice quick recall in a fun and engaging way. Good quality mat, easy to use, fun for children and easy to clean. Would highly recommend,' Mrs Pope, Hampshire, Sept 2016

'I am sure your Times Tables Cube will help my young grandson,' Mrs Morris, Herts, Aug 2016

'I bought Dude Dice for my grandchild.  He played with it straight away and enjoyed the challenge,' Mr Bulloch, Spain, Aug 2016

'Dude Dice is exctly what we wanted for an easy to play game in the car,' Mrs Page, Spain, Aug 2016

'Dude Dice is a very good game,' Mrs Caulkett, Beds, Aug 2016

'Cup Cake Dice looks good.  We haven't played it yet but I'm sure my daughter will love the cupcakes,' Mrs Laftaly, Middlesex, Aug 2016

'The Year 1 & 2 Words Secret Scholar is an excellent product,' Mr Goodwin, West Yorks, Aug 2016

'The Multiplication Random Tables Mat with the Secret Decoder has really helped my very reluctant two children to brush up on their tables!' Mrs Lawrence, Brighton, Aug 2016

'Your ZooBooKoo World Football Cube is perfect fo a football loving grandson,' Mrs Thomas, Essex, Aug 2016

 'We love your Dude Dice,' Mrs Walsh, Aug 2016

'I bought the Mental Maths Secret Scholar with the Secret Decoder as a gift for a 6 year old and they loved it,' Mrs Carr, Surrey, July 2016

'We totally loved the Dried Scorpion Surprise,' Mrs Walker, West Mids, July 2016

'The Human Body Cube is fantastic.  I recommend it to anyone doing anatomy or physiology or in the medical field,' Mrs Hornby, Surrey, July 2016

'I bought the Dinosaur and the Planets Cubes for my 5 year old nephew.  They are a brilliant idea for kids,' Mrs Wilson, Ayrshire, July 2016

'The Planets Cube Book is educated,' Mrs Wheeler, Oxford, July 2016

'The Dried Scorpion Surprise is brilliant,' Mr Sissons, Notts, July 2016

'The Multiplication Tables Magic Mat with the Secret Decoder is fantastic.  I wish I had found this a lot earlier,' Mrs James, Devon, July 2016

'I bought the Times Tables Cube and already I've bought some of the others,' Mrs Aguilar, Midlothian, July 2016

 and 'The Mental Maths Secret Scholar booklet with the Secret Decoder is excellent,' Mrs Augusta, London, June 2016

'The Dude Dice game is good quality at a reasonable price.  Delighted...,' Mrs Lavelle, Hants, May 2016

My 6 year old wasn't a maths fan so I got this Mental Maths Secret Scholar with the Decoder to help his confidence with numbers and additions, he was so excited when he saw the book, he hasn't stopped practicing since then and just got a certificate from school for outstanding work in maths! Definitely would recommend this to everyone!' Mrs Crouzet, Surrey, May 2016

'The Human Body Cube is good - just as I expected,' Mrs Clarke, Wilts, May 2016

'Dino Dice is a great game to encourage maths for little ones,' Mrs Thomas, Leicester, May 2016

My Grandson loves his Times Tables Cube.  He is 6 and doing well at maths so this will help him do is timetables,'  Mrs Anderson, London, April 2016

was pleased with the World Football Cube.  I bought it for a Christmas gift,' Apr 2016

'I'm very happy with the Secret Scholar Mental Maths 1,' Mrs Thom, Notts, Apr 2016

'I bought these for the youngest granddaughter. Sure she'll love them,' Mrs Melton, Kent, Apr 2106

'We're happy with the Times Tables Mat,' Mrs Watson, Lancs, Apr 2016

'The kids love Dude Dice and it keeps them entertained for ages, they don't get bored - wonderful,' Mrs Broudic, Jersey, Apr 2016

'Both the Human Body Cube and the Human Body Secret Scholar are excellent,' Miss Szekeres, Essex, Apr 2016

'Dude Dice High Score and Dude Dice Winning Words kept my grandchildren entertained and they really enjoyed playing both games, they are also help with their maths and word skills at the same time,' Mrs Johnson, Lincs, Apr 2016

'The Multiplication Tables Mat with the Secret Decoder was bought for my eight year old daughter.  It is a great tool for leanring multiplication,' Mrs Patel, Hants, Mar 2016
'Dino Dice is good quality,' Mr Hawksley, Mid Glam, Mar 2016

'ZooBooKoo's Times Tables Cube is a fabulous product,' Mrs Mathias, Shropshire, Mar 2016

'Dino Dice is a brilliant item,' Mr Greavey, Glasgow, Mar 2016

'Dude Dice has been well played and I'd highly recommend for others to buy, it's good fun and a teaching aid!' Mrs Jones, Cheshire, Mar 2016

'The Doctor Phonics cards are great just as expected,' Mrs Kilpatrick, Cheshire, Mar 2016

'The Time Tables Mat with the Secret Decoder is excellent,' Mrs Araba, Hants, Feb 2016

'Storyonics is an excellent game,' Mrs Sadowska, Poland, Feb 2016

'My grandson loves the World Football Cubes,' Mr Bolger, West Midlands, Feb 2016

'The Butterfly Maze Cube is a good stocking stuffer,' Mrs Slater, Derbyshire, Feb 2016

'My 8 year old grandson told me that he was really pleased with the Human Body Pack,' Mrs McCabe, London, Feb 2016

'Storyonics is a great way to get kids talking or writing,' Mrs Knipsheer, The Netherlands, Feb 2016

'My daughter loves using her Add & Subtract and Spelling Cubes,' Mrs Rosado, Herefordshire, Feb 2016

'My grandson loves Dino Dice,' Mrs Bignall, Somerset, Feb 2016

'I'm very happy with the Dino Dice game,' Mrs Shelton, Essex, Feb 2016

'The Butterfly Maze Cube is an interesting puzzle,' Mrs Cain, Herts, Feb 2016

'The Add & Subtract Cube is fun and learning in one,' Mrs Allison, Lancs, Jan 2016

'The Times Tables in Order Mat with the Secret Decoder is very helpful for grandchildren to learn their times tables,' Mrs Collins, Surrey, Jan 2016

'My 7 year old daughter loves the Add & Subtract Cube and has spent ages playing with it and working out the sums,' Mrs Ashby, Lincs, Jan 2016

'Cup Cake Dice is a very clever game, Mrs Morgan, Tyne & Wear, Jan 2016

'The Add & Subtract Cube is a colourful and helpful item, if you have a little one just learning about numbers,' Mrs Marshall, Nottinghamshire, Jan 2016

'I bought Dude Dice for my nephew and he loves it,' Mrs Karpeta, Hants, Jan 2016

'I bought the Times Tables in Order Mat with the Secret Decoder for my 6 year old daughter and it is by far one of the best maths tools I have bought.  She loves that she can check her own work and as a parent it's great that it can be used again and again.  I'd highly recommend it to any parent, Mrs Phasouliotis, London, Jan 2016

'Dino Dice was a great gift for my 5 year old,' Mr Calverley, Austria, Jan 2016

'My daughter loves the Secret Scholar Maths 1 and the Write & Spell books,' Mr Perry, West Midlands, Jan 2016

'Dino Dice is a very good toy,' Mr Macleaod, Stornoway, Jan 2016

'The Times Tables Cube is an excellent product,' Mrs Spencer, Hampshire, Jan 2016

'The Times Tables Random Mat with the Secret Decoder is good for training the children,' Mr Jones, Hants, Jan 2016

'The Times Tables Cube was a great surprise stocking stuffer,' Mrs O'Kane, London, Jan 2016

'These cube books are an excellent fount of knowledge for young (and old) minds.  A lot of information, well organised and easy to access,' Mrs Wright, Bucks, Jan 2016

'My son got the Times Tables Cube over a year ago and it's still together and he still uses it.  I would recommend this,' Mrs Lewis, Dorset, Dec 2105

'The Jungle Number Line and the Insect Alphabet Line games are fantastic - absolutely brilliant and the kids love them,' Mrs Hawkins, Hanst, Dec 2105

 In'My football fan grandson was really pleased with the World Football Cube,' Mrs Roden, Midlothian, Dec 2015

'The kids like the Add & Subtract Cube,' Ms Smith, Mid Glam, Dec 2015

'Dude Dice Level 1 proved a real hit with my grandsons,' Mrs Haggis, Essex, Dec 2015

'The Dried Scorpion Surprise is a quality joke item,' Mr Saint, Northamptonshire, Dec 2015

'Dude Dice 2 is an excellent item,' Ms Pearson, Hampshire, Dec 2015

'The Multiplication Tables Cube is brilliant.  We carry it with us everywhere,' Mr Balkizas, London, Dec 2015

'The Add & Subtract Cube is a great item,' Ms Compton, Devon, Dec 2015

'Dude Dice is great fun,' Mrs Turner, East Sussex, Dec 2015

'My daughters love the Mega Maths Secret Scholar,' Mrs Harinarayanan, Surrey, Dec 2015

'The Multiplication Random Magic Mat is really useful for an 8 year old,' Mrs Horner, Durham, Dec 2015

'Dude Dice is a brilliant game,'T Mrs Hayward, Dorset, Dec 2015

'The Cube Books are great,' Mrs Clark, Herts, Dec 2015

'My boy loves the Secret Scholar Mental Maths,' Mr Gordon-Sawyers, Bucks, Dec 2015

'The World Football Cube was just what I wanted,' Mr Barker, Cambs, Dec 2015

'Dude Dice is a great product,' Ms Lee, Wales, Dec 2015

'I bought the Human Body Cube for my niece who is studying to become a radiographer.  She wad delighted with her cube,' Mrs Grant, Aberdeenshire, Dec 2015

'The French Phrases Cube is a fantastic item with very clear graphics and text.  I think this will make an interesting Christmas stocking gift for teenagers,' Mrs Barber, Dec 2015

'Dino Dice is a lovely little game,' Mrs Edwards, Cambs, Dec 2015

'I am very happy with the Planets Cube,' Mrs Harris, Berks, Dec 2015

'Bear Essentials is a lovely item,' Mrs Leach, Somerset, Dec 2015

'The Alphabet Cube is a brilliant product,' Mrs Naiker, West Mids, Dec 2015

'Dino Dice looks and feels fun and are perfect for my 5 year old nephew to help with his maths,' Mrs King, London, Dec 2015

'Secret Scholar Reception Words is a great product,' Mrs Brolly, Kent, Nov 2015

'Cup Cake Dice is a stocking filler for my daughter.  I'm sure she will love it,' Mrs Johnston, Warks, Dec 2015

'The Cubes are educational stocking fillers, a useful way of imparting information,' Mrs Wright, Bucks, Dec 2015

'Dino Dice is a great present for my grandson,' Nov 2015

'Mega Maths is the perfect stocking filler,' Mrs Johnson, Surrey, Nov 2015

'I purchased the Cup Cake Dice game as a gift for my daughter for Christmas.  She's a keen mathematician.  I'm sure she will love this game,' Mrs Appleby, Nov 2015

'The Human Body Cube is a great product.  I'm very impressed,' Ms Baddeley, Staffs, Nov 2015

'The Cup Cake Dice game is very nice with well made cupcakes and game,' Mrs Higgins, S Yorks, Nov 2015

'The Secret Scholar Mental Maths 1 is a great product,' Mrs Lyne, Leics, Nov 2015

'My 8 and 5 year olds love this and test each other!' Mrs Farrat, S Glam, Nov 2015

'My daughter was given a Human Body Cube which she loves.  She was gutted when I took it to work (I'm a paediatric osteopath),' Mrs Grear, London, Dec 2015

'My son loves the Secret Scholar Mental Maths with the Secret Decoder,' Mrs Lowe, Lancs, Nov 2015

'The Human Body Cube is a  fabulous learning aid for anyone interested in the human body.  Even my  4 year old loves it!!!' Mrs Bentley, Leeds, Nov 2015 

'The Secret Scholar Mental Maths is a good stocking filler and educational too - for my 5 year old,' Mrs Lowe, South Yorks, Nov 2015

'Quizonics is wonderful. We so love playing the game and winning the cards,' Mrs Toward, Essex, Nov 2015

'The Jungle Number Line and the Insect Alphabet Line were a great success,' Mrs Jolly, London, Nov 2015

'The Times Tables Random Mat has been a huge help- it has made learning the tables fun and that's the key,' Mrs Bender, London, Nov 2015

'The Word Searcher games are excellent for all ages,' Mrs Bidmead, Middlesex, Nov 2015

'The Times Tables Cube really helped my daughter learn her tables,' Mrs Harper, London, Nov 2015

'Your CUBES are fantastic.  My son has played with his for hours,' Mrs Tamsin-Brewis, Bucks, Nov 2015

'Bear Essentials is lots of fun and the children just love the scarves,' Mrs Taylor, Surrey, Nov 2015

'The Word Searcher games have kept our kids occupied for hours in restaurants - they're really good,' Mrs French, Surrey, Nov 2015

'Dino Dice is a great game,' Mrs Kemp, East Sussex, Oct 2015

'The Times Tables in Order Mat with the Secret Decoder is excellent.  Both my boys now love practising their times tables,' Mrs Curtis, Middlesex, Oct 2015

'The London Cube is a lovely item,' Mrs Tidey,Wilts, Oct 2015

'The Human Body Cube is better than described,' Ms Austin, Devon, Oct 2015

'I would recommend the Secret Scholar Mental Maths 1 with the Secret Decoder, Mrs Rudd, North Yorks, Oct 2015

'The Multiplication Random Mat is a great item.  I would recommend this,' Ms McIntyre, Middlesex, Oct 2015

'The Times Tables Cube is a fabulous.  I work with SEN kids - this is perfect,' Mrs Wood, Stockport, Oct 2015

'The Human Body Cube is excellent.  Highly recommended.  Many thanks,' Mr Parsons, Bristol, Oct 2015

'Dino Dice is a nice product,' Mrs Al-Affan, Cardiff, Oct 2015

'The Multiplication Random Mat is very nice,' Mrs Das, London, Oct 2015

'The Alphabet Cube will make an excellent birthday present for my three-year-old granddaughter,' Mr Pallett, Kent, Oct 2015

'Dino Dice is an engaging learning resource. Maths with added fun!' Mrs mountain, Northumberland, Oct 2015

'Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is perfect,' Mrs Charkawi, Denmark, Oct 2015

'The Multiplication Random Mat is great for kids to practice their maths,' Mrs Read, West Sussex, Sept 2015

'My little girl loves her Multiplication Random Mat,' Mrs Elleray, Lancs, Sept 2015

'I sent a Dinosaur Cube to a 6 year old boy as a present.  I'm assured he loved it!' Mrs Cheyne, West Sussex, Sept 2015

'The Multiplication Random Mat is ideal for learning/teaching times tables,' Mrs Mawhinney, West Mids, Sept 2015

Cup Cake Dice is a lovely gift,' Mrs Corps, Surrey, Aug 2015

'The Human Body Cube is a good product,' Mr Bilney, Oxon, Aug 2015

'My grandson was very pleased with the' write and spell' Secret Scholar...many thanks,' Mrs Davis, Kent, Aug 2015

'Cup Cake Dice is a wonderful game,' Mrs Totseva, Bulgaria, Aug 2015

'The Human Body Cube and the Planets Cube are useful items,' Mrs Shaw, Denbighshire, Aug 2015

'Cup Cake Dice is a wonderful game,' Mrs Totseva, Bulgaria, Aug 2015

'I rate this item with 5 Stars as I have seen my grandson enjoy it,' Mrs Aslam, Surrey, Aug 2015

'Your dry wipe pens are as good as I hoped.  I'm very pleased,' Mr Hand, Southampton, Aug 2015

'I am happy with the Super Science and the Body Bits Secret Scholars,' Mrs Gurr, Kent, Aug 2015

'The Insect Alphabet Line Game is excellent,' Mrs Jezzard, Suffolk, Aug 2015

'Cup Cake Dice is a lovely game,' Mrs Corps, Surrey, Aug 2015

'The Mental Maths 2 Secret Scholar is just right for a 9 year old's birthday,' Mr McGinn, Hants, aug 2015

'The Add & Subtract Cube is excellent,' Mr Agustin Rodriguez-Bachiller, oxfordshire, Aug 2015

'The Human Body Cube is a good product,' Mrs Bilney, Oxon, Aug 2015

The Cup Cake Dice games are excellent,' Mrs O'Neill, Ireland, July 2015

'The Times Tables Cube is a first rate product,' Mr Harvey, Middx, July 2015

'Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is an excellent product and really helpful for my 7 year old niece to practise with.  I'd recommend these to anyone wanting to help their child to practise adding, subtracting and times tables,' Mr Bisbey, Staffs, June 2015

'The Human Body Cube is handy for informations and it's a neat design,' Mr Appleby, Shrops, June 2015

'The Add & Subtract Cube is a clever device that seems to entertain very well,' Mrs Dennis, Berks, June 2015

'I ordered the Human Body Cube for my grandson.  We're very pleased,' Mrs Sinclair, May 2015

'Dude Dice is a great gift,' Ms Hubbard, W Sussex, May 2015

'The Dude Dice level 2 game is nice,' Mrs Watkinson, BFPO, May 2015

The children at school love Dino Dice and the Dude Dice maths and words games,' Ms Lowe, Glos, May 2015

'Dude Dice is a simple but brilliant learning game,' Mr Pentland, Co Durham, May 2015

'The Add & Subtract Mat is a great aid for maths,' Mr Lomar, South Yorks, May 2015

'The Human Body Cube is very nice item. Thanks,' Mr Potts, Midlothian, Apr 2015

'The Write and Spell Secret Scholars - Year 1 & 2 is very good.  My daughter loves them,' Mrs Newham, East Sussex, Apr 2015

'The Human Body Cube is very good. Many thanks,' Miss Loiseau, London, Apr 2015

'The Spelling Cube is another great product to keep my daughter interested in phonics and spelling!' Mrs Lisboa, North Hants, Apr 2015

'Dude Dice is a great game; simple and helps children with mental maths without them realising. They love it!' Mrs Haworth, Berks, Apr 2015

'This Dried Scorpion Surprise trick is a classic. Can't recommend it enough. Not to be tried on the elderly or those of a nervous disposition,' Mr Snelgrove, Wilts, Apr 2015

'I bought the Super Science Secret Scholar as a gift, but I've used this product (different topics) before and they are fantastic for travelling,' Mrs Powell, Berkshire, Apr 2015

'The Multiplication Random Magic Mat is great and fun to use,' Mrs Wheeler, Herefordshire, Mar 2015

'The Human Body Cube is excellent, informative and fun,' Mrs Hall, Berks, Mar 2015

'I'm already using Tongue Twister Snap with students at school!' Mrs Farrell, Middlesex, Mar 2015

'Dino Dice is brilliant,' Mrs Welsh, Beds, March 2015
'Dude Dice is a fun game,' Mrs Wilson, Blackburn, Feb 2015

'The Dinosuar Cube and Dino Dice were well-received as a birthday gift,' Mrs Carvill, Co Antrim, Feb 2015

'Storyonics is a fun game,' Mr Ditchburn, Herts, Feb 2015

'Cup Cake Dice is a neat little game,' Mrs Bloomfield, Kent, Feb 2015

'Mental Maths 1 is good,' Mrs Castle-Booth, Bucks, Feb 2015

'The Human Body Cube was a Christmas present for a nurse and I also gave one to my granddaughter and they both loved it.  Educational and fun,' Mrs Rice, Wales, Feb 2015

'My husband loves the Human Body Cube - he bought it to improve his knowledge in biology,' Mrs Otakho, W Sussex, Feb 2015

'The Human Body Cube is great,' Mrs Griffiths, M Glam, Feb 2015

'Dude Dice was a popular gift,' Mrs Sharp, W Sussex, Jan 2015

'The Alphabet Cube is a fantastic product, great learning tool and to engage children in ABC.  Good travel size too,' Mrs Thomas, Surrey, Jan 2015

'Cup Cake Dice is great!' Mrs Tovell, E Sussex, 2015

'The Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is just what was required - ideal,' Mr Selby, S Glam, Jan 2015

'Dude Dice is a very good product,' Mrs Williams, Cornwall, Jan 2015

'I am very pleased with Storyonics,' Mr Ibbs, Ireland, Jan 2015

'Dude Dice is a lovely game.  Great way of sneakily getting kids to practice their maths. Great for travel too, Mrs Gill, W Yorks, Jan 2015

'The Dried Scorpion Surprise is a great trick!' Mrs Harding, Northants, Jan 2015

'The Jungle Number Li
ne is a nice educational game,' Mrs Blackburn, Hants, Jan 2015

'The Human Body Cube is great and small enought to take anywhere!' Ms Vine, Devon, Jan 2015

'My 5 and 9 year olds love playing Dude Dice,' Mrs Benton, New Zealand, Jan 2015

'My granddaughter thinks the Fantastic French Secret Scholar is great,' Mrs Stagg, Jan 2015

'Cup Cake Dice is a good game,' Mrs Miller, Dorset, Jan 2015

'I gave Dude Dice as birthday presents to two six year olds.  Parents love them.  My son wants one!' Mrs Keane, Surrey, Jan 2015

 'Cup Cake Dice is a lovely item,' Mrs Keen, Notts, Jan 2015

'Your dry wipe whiteboard pens are perfect.  Thank you.  They are just the job for my new wipe board calendar.  The one supplied with it was rubbish.  These are great,' Mrs Debenham, Kent, Jan 2015

'The Human Body Cube is great,' Miss Rawlins, London, Jan 2015

'The children like playing Dino Dice,' Mrs Fell, Aberdeenshrie, Jan 2015

'The Year 1 & 2 Secret Scholar is great for my little boy, Mrs Roberts, Barks, Jan 2015

'The Human Body Cbue is a brilliant resource!!' Mrs Vales, Cambs, Jan 2015

'I bought Dude Dice as a gift and the recipient seems very happy with it.  It comes in a handy drawstring bag so useful when travelling,' Mrs Maclennan, Northumberland, Dec 14

'The Human Body Cube is excellent,' Ms Borthwick, Fife, Dec 2014

'The Dinosaur Cube and the Flags Cube are a great idea - learning whilst playing, moving the cubes around - love these learning games!! and no batteries eigher,' Mrs Petulla, Jersey, Dec 14

'The Multiplication Random Mat is a great product.  My daughter loves it,' Mrs Foreman, Herts, Dec 2-14

'Storyonics is good for the whole family, very engaging and good exercise for one's imagination,' Mrs Negash, London, Dec 2014'

'Dino Dice is a great product, Mrs Arnold, Middlesex, Dec 2014

'My 4 year old loves the Reception Words Secret Scholar - great,' Miss Leadbetter, Oxfordshire, Dec 2014

The Human Body Cube is fab,' Ms Smith, Tyne and Wear, Dec 2014

'I bought the Alphabet Cube and Dino Dice.  They are both excellent,' Mr Brunton, Carmarthenshire, Dec 2014

'My grand daughter loves the Alphabet and Seek and Count activity mats,' Mrs Lee, Norfolk, Dec 2014

'I am happy with the Dino Dice,' Mrs Malcom-Bramall, W Yorks, Dec 2014

'Dude Dice is a nice item, thank you,' Mr Gribben, Cheshire, Dec 2014

'The Dried Scorpion Surprise Gift Card is excellent, ' Mrs Middleton, W Midlands, Dec 2014

'The Times Tables Mat is an ideal stocking filler - play and learn,' Mrs Warcup, Tyne and Wear, Dec 2014

'Dude Dice is very good fun,' Mr Shelley, Dorset, Dec 2014

'I am pleased with the Add &Subtract Cube and the Spelling Cube,' Mrs Williams, Somerset, Dec 14

I am very please dwith this gift, the Cup Cake Dice,' Mrs Smith, London, Dec 14

''The Body Bits Secret Scholar is an ideal gift,' Mrs Evans, W Midlands, Dec 14

'We bought Dude Dice as a Christmas present so not used it yet but it looks good quality,' Mrs Ellis, N Yorks, Dec 14

My grandson likes the French Phrases Cube Book and the Fantastic French Secret Scholar.  They are good value,' Mrs Himsworth, Cleveland, Dec 14

'Dude Dice looks good fun and should be good for learning,' Mrs Lucas, West Sussex, Dec 14

'The Dried Scorpion Gift Card is a lot of fun for a six year old,' Mr Miller, London, Dec 14

'I bought the Jungle Number Line and the Insect Alphabet Line games and they are absolutely brilliant.  Hours of fun!' Mrs Clemett, Glamorgan, Dec 2014

'The Times Tables Cube is a good little thing to have for the kids' Mrs Edwell, London, Nov 2014

'The Human Body Cube is an ideal stocking filler and great for all ages, very informative.  Thank you,' Mrs Popay, Norfolk, Nov 2014

'She loves the Multiplication Random Mat., Mrs Ashton, Lancs, Nov 214

'Cup Cake Dice is a great little game, my daughter loves it.  Fun way to help little ones with maths,' Mrs Thompson, Surrey, Nov 2014

'ZooBooKoo's products are excellent.  I raised an amazing amount of money with them for the Octavia Appeal.  I sold the lot.  I wish I'd bought more!  Anna Crompton, London, Nov 2014

'The Human Body Cube is an ideal stocking filler and great for all ages, very informative.  Thank you,' MRs Popay, Norfolk, Nov 2014

'I loved this item.  It works really well, educational for the children and fun for them as they can challenge themselves.  My daughter loves it too,' Mr Dean, Worcs, Nov 2014

'I am very pleased with the Cup Cake Dice game,' Mrs Row, Herts, Nov 2014

'The Add & Subtract Cube is a great item for our growing grandsons,' Mr Thomas, Herts, Nov 2014

'The Year 1 & 2 Words Secret Scholar is a good product,' Mr Duraj, London, Nov 2014

'Cup Cake Dice looks like a good quality game and a great idea to help my grandchildren with their maths - very pleased,' Mr Hare, Lancs, Nov 2014

'My two granddaughters simply love the Alphabet Cube and the Add & Subtract Cube.  they are a great educational aid,' Mrs Lidster, Essex, Nov 2014

'Both the Planets Cube and the Human Body Cube are excellent products,' Mrs Legge, Surrey, Nov 2014

'The ZooBooKoo times tables cube is absolutely great.  We have one in the house and one in the car and the kids test each other all the time,' Mrs Hammond, Surrey, Nov 2014
'The Add & Subtract Cube and the Spelling Cube are very nice products.  The children will enjoy these,'  Mrs Boddington, Cheshire, Nov 2014

'We had the best Christmas ever last year becasue of your toys and games,' Mrs Edmunds, Wilts, Nov 2014

'Mental Maths 2 Secret Scholar is a good quality resource,' Mrs Aramburu, S Yorks, Oct 2014

'Fantastic French Secret Scholar is excellent! Thanks,' Mrs Shaw, W Yorks, Oct 2014

 'ZooBooKoo toys and games are the only educational games I give my kids and they play with them again and again,' Mrs Dickinson, Yorks, Nov 2014

'The Dinosaur Cube is really great for dinosaur fanatics. Very happy,' Mrs Hoffman, Surrey, Oct 2014

'The Human Body Cube is good value.  Happy,'
Mrs Monaghan, Merseyside, Oct 2014 
'The French Cube and Fantastic French Secret Scholar look very informative and I know my son will love them.  Thank you!,' Mrs Barrow, Manchester, Oct 2014

'Dude Dice is great fun to play and enjoyed by the grandchildren,' Mrs Daking, Kent, Oct 2014

'The Planets Cube Book is exactly as described and I am very pleased with it,' Mrs Cahill, London, Sept 2014

'The children love Dude Dice Level 1,' Mrs Clark, Oxon Sept 2014

'The Human Body Cube and the Planets Cube are a good way for anyone to learn facts,' Miss Seymour, Hants, Sept 2014

'The Add & Subtract 2 - Activity Placemat is good,' Mrs Puranik, Aberdeenshire, Sept 2014

'The Add & Subtract Cube is very useful, Mrs Mulligan, Down, Aug 2014

'Dude Dice Level 2 means you're having fun as well as learning - fab,' Mrs Fallows, Lancs, Aug, 2014

'We are very pleased with the Secret Scholars,' Mrs King, Derbyshire, Aug 2014

The Dinosaurs Cube Book is excellent,' Mrs Morton, Midlands, July 2014

'The Mental Maths 2 Secret Scholar is fantastic,' Mrs Decermic, July 2014

'We haven't played the game yet, but my grandsons will love the dinosaurs,' Mrs Markham, Oxon, JUly 2014

 'Storyonics Amazing Adventures is excellent,' Mrs Pinnock, West Glam, July 2014

'This dry wipe pen has been doing what it is meant to be doing, writing and wiping off easily on my wall calendar.  I'd order again,' Mrs Dalstrom, London, July 2014

'Dude Dice Level 1 is a good travel game - it does just what it says on the packet,' Mrs Plummer, Herts, 2014

'Our child enjoys using the Secret Scholar Year 1 & 2 Words,' Mrs Knight, Hants, June 2014

'The Human Body Cube is great. Thank you very much,' Mrs Williams, Kent,  'Dino Dice is a lovely tactile item,' Mrs Derrick, Shropshire, June 2014

'This is a really fun game for primary aged children. I work as a primary tutor and the children I work with love this game. It's a good way of getting them to be interested in the use of language,' NK, online, Mar 2013

'Dino Dice is a brilliant game you can take anywhere with you and play to keep children entertained. Use it when waiting for a meal in a restaurant,' Mrs Sheppard, Humberside, June 2014

'The Jungle Number Line is a nice looking education board game which encourages youngsters to want to learn more in a fun way,' Mrs Wickes, June 2014

'The Add & Subtract 2 Activity Magic Placem
at i
s a nice chart to help teach children how to add and subtract. A good start for preparing the child for year 1 & above,' Mrs Gunn-Mugisha, Surrey, May 2014

'Dino Dice is a splendid game,' Mrs Payne, Beds, June 2014

'ZooBooKoo's dry wipe pens are great,' Mrs McIntosh, Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, June 2014

 'My son loves Dino Dice,' Mrs Willcox, Online, June 2014

'I have been 'showing off my Human Body Cube to all my colleagues who love it too,' Julie Weeks, Brunel University, June 2014

'Dude Dice 2 is a
reat quality game. Fun and learning at the same time,' Mrs Gregory, Leics, May 2014

'I bought the Multiplication Random Magic Mat, Dino Dice and Cup Cake Dice and they are excellent products,' May 2015

The Dinosaurs Cube and the Europe Cube are interesting products,' Mrs Davies, Derbyshire, May 2014

'The Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is very good,' Mr Bird, Bedfordshire, April 2014

'I bought the Add & Subtract Magic Mat as a birthday present for my 6 year old niece who is learning numbers at school. I can recommend this product,' Mrs Baltic, Amsterdam, April 2014

'The Jungle Number Line is an excellent quality product,' Mrs Smee, Kent, April 2014

'My grandson is delighted with his Alphabet Cube,' Mrs Spear, South Yorkshire, April 2014

'This Add & Subtract 2 Magic Mat is a great wipe clean maths mat,' Mrs Wotherspoon, Selkirkshire, April 2014

'The Human Body Cube is a quality educational product,' Mrs Cooper, Dorset, April 2014

'We think the Human Body Cube is great,' Mrs Isenstein, Denmark, May 2014

'The multiplication tables cube is great,' Mrs Basford, Merseyside, April 2014

'The Multiplication Random Magic Mat is great,' Mrs Watkins, Middlesex, Mar 2014

 'The Alphabet Cube is a wonderful product,' Mrs Siebdrat, Avon, Mar 2014

'Storyonics is a great game,' Mrs Parish, Worc, Feb 2014

'We are delighted with the Addition & Subtraction Cube and the Spelling Cube,' Mrs Morton, West Mids, Feb 2014

'Storyonice Amazing Adventure Stories was enjoyed by the girl for whom it was a gift,' Mrs Pickering, Surrey, Feb 2014

'Dino Dice is a nice little game.  The dice are large and very appealing to youngsters,' Mrs Burke, Cheshire, Feb 2014

 'Cup Cake Dice is a '5 star' game
,' Mrs Donohoe, Aberdeenshire, Feb 2014

'It is super to find a business selling something a bit unusual,' Mrs Ibbotson, Ireland Jan 2014 (bought Word Searchers 2, Storyonics and Seek and Count Activity Mat)

'My daughter loves the Wordsearcher game - perfect!' Mrs Jones, Bucks, Jan 2014

'The Spelling Cube is a wonderful product for children learning how to spell,' Mrs Hall, Wilts, Jan 2014

'The Storyonics cards with Amazing Adventures is a great product,' Mrs Vaczi, Dorset, Jan 2014

 'My grandson loves your Human Body Cube and the Planets Cube,' Mrs Izzard, Herts, Jan 2014

'My grandchild likes the Secret Scholar Year 1 & 2 Words book,' Mrs Cottee, Surrey, Jan 2014

'The Cup Cake Dice game is fun,' Mrs Fang, Middlesex, Jan 2014

'The Super Science Secret Scholar was enjoyed by the child, a nine year old. Thank you,' Mrs Young , Bucks, Jan 2014

'The Planets Cube and the Human Body Cube, which were a birthday present for my 8 year old grandson proved to be very popular with his older siblings too.I must admit that when I first saw them I thought that they looked really uninspiring, but the children soon put me to rights! Thanks,' Mrs Crunden, West Mids, Jan 2014

'Dude Dice is a great educational toy. I cannot recommend it highly enough!' Mrs Kontogeorgouk, North Yorks, Jan 2014

'I am really pleased with the Times Tables Activity Mat.  It is good value for money,' Mrs Allen, Staffs, Dec 2013

'I am very happy with the Secret Scholar - Year 1 & 2 Words book,' Mrs Bednarek, Lancashire, Dec 2013'

The Times Tables Cube is great to help young kids with times tables,' Mrs Auger, Dec 2013

'Dino Dice is an excellent product,' Mrs Hardy, Cumbria, Dec 2013

'The Times Tables Cube is ideal for growing young minds,' Mrs Marshall, Oxon, 2013

The Secret Scholar Reception Words is a great product,' Mrs Norbury, Dec 2013

'My daughter enjoys using the Human Body Cube,' Mrs Kennedy, Lanarkshire, Dec 2013

'I am so pleased to find this Dried Scorpion Joke Card on sale and look forward to many side splitting laughs in the future when I put it in the paths of friends.  Excellent value.  Thanks,' Mr Bradshaw-Jones, Oxon, Dec 2013

'The Add & Subtract Magic Activity Mat is ideal for my 6 year old daughter to help her with maths,' Mrs'Davies, West Glam, Dec 2013

'The Alphabet and Seek & Count Magic Activity Mats are giving lots of fun to my godson, Mrs Davies, Avon, Dec 2013

''The cubes for spelling and sums are terrific,' Mrs Hunter, Cornwall, Dec 2013

'The Spelling and the Add and Subtract Cubes are great learning tools,' Mrs Jewell, Australia, Dec 2013

'The Reception Words Write and Spell book is a good idea for my son,'' Mr Creasey, Jersey, Dec 2013

'My 6 year old loves Dino Dice and it's brilliant for practising their maths skills!' Mrs Hoogeveen, Bucks, Dec 2013

'The Spelling Cube is great for my daughter's phonetical work,' Mrs Kagwa, Herts, Dec 2013

'The European Nations cube is good value for money,' Mr Hamill, Northern Ireland, Dec 2013.

'The Cup Cake Dice game is brilliant fun for the whole family,' Mrs Windsor, Wales, Nov 2013'

The Multiplication Random Magic Mat was absolutely brilliant,' Ms Buong, Essex, Nov 2013

'My son loves the Dinosaur Cube and the Europe Cube and is always looking at them and reading them,' Mrs Thomas, Wales, Nov 2013

'I've just placed an order for a Multiplication Tables Mat.  I think the products are fantastic and my nephews and nieces think so too,' Mrs Mitchell, Nov 2013

'My son has learnt all his times tables with your Multiplication Cube,' Mrs Palmer, Dorset, Nov 2013

'I bought the Bear Essentials three years ago and they are still playing with it now - aged 5 and 7,' Mrs Collins, Cambs, Nov 2013

'Dino Dice is the only thing that keeps my grandson quiet.  It is the best present ever,' Mrs Ulph, Herts, Nov 2013

'The children were made up with their Alphabet Cube.  It really brought on their spelling,' Mrs Wells, East Sussex, Nov 2013

'We loved playing with the Storyonics card game when we went away,' Mrs Beech, Beds, Nov 2013

'I think the Add & Subtract Cube and the Dinosaurs Cube are brilliant.  I bought one for a birthday present for a classmate and one for my own 5 year old son,' Mrs Page, Glos, Nov 2013

'I purchased the Human Body Cube for a friend's son (8 year old boy) who likes to learn about the body.  I think it will be easier than reading a large book and I would recommend this product,' Mrs Mandle, Cumbria, Nov 2013

'My grand daughter loves the Multiplication Random Magic Mat, many thanks,' Mrs Davidson, Middx, Nov 2013

'My The Add & Subtract Cube and the Spelling Cube are very good educational toys,' Mrs Batt, Avon, Nov 2013

Dino Dice is a small, compact that we game bought for our 5 year old to play with a 7 year old sibling.  Our son will be desperate to try and win those Dinos!' Mrs Voss, Northants, Nov 2013

'This Mental Maths Secret Scholar will be extremely useful for my 6 year old daughter to practice her maths,' Mrs Davies, West Glam, Nov 2013

'I bought the Human Body Cube for my grandchild and she is fascinated by it,' Mrs Goddard, Nov 2013

'The Multiplication Random Magic Mat is a great product,' Mrs Miln, Lincs, Nov 2013

'The Multiplication Random Magic Mat is and excellent present for my little girl,' Mrs Cape, Tyne and Wear, Nov 2013

Sam just loved the Numbers Cube his Mum bought him at the Country Living Christmas Show. Thanks to Sam's Mum for allowing us to use this gorgeous photo, Nov 2013

'Your products are amazing,' Mrs Heward-Mills, London, Oct 2013

'My granddaughter loves her Multiplication Random Magic Mat,' Mrs Barnes, Fife, Oct 2013

'The Word Searcher card game is very good value,' Mrs Scott, Kent, Oct 2013

'My granddaughter is delighted with her Human Body Cube - thanks!' Mrs Mycock, Co Durham, Oct 2013

Dino Dice is very good quality for little hands,' Mrs Hamer, Derbyshire, Sept 2013

''We bought a couple of your wipeclean educational mats at the Hampton Court Flower Show and they have gone down a storm at home,' Mrs Bartlett, Surrey, Sept 2013

Alphabet Magic Acitivity Mat is a great way to not only educate kids but also fun and keeps little ones occupied will awaiting tea etc,
' Mrs Doig, Glasgow, Aug 2013

The Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is a great product,' Mrs Croft, Berks, July 2013

'I gave the Human Body Cube to a children's neurologist and it has used it with all the children.  He says it was the best gift ever!' Mrs Sharp, London, July 2013

'We are pleased with the Reception Words Write and Spell Secret Scholar,' Mrs Page, E Sussex, July 2013

'My grandson loved his Dinosaur Cube and his Europe Cube,' Mrs Gregory, Staffs, July 2013

'ZooBooKoo's Dry Wipe Whiteboard Pens are a good product,' Mr Souza, W Midlands, June 2013

'I have purchased lots of your toys and games and my children love them, many thanks,' Mrs Collyer, Worcs, April 2013

'Cup cakes and numbers! Brilliant for girls! We love the Cup Cake Dice game and they are great to play with. The cakes are loved by my niece and make her want to play and she doesn't mind the maths anymore,' Mrs Hailey, London, Apr 2013

'The Multiplication Random Magic Mat is a good quality item.  It is very handy for extra practice in times tables and can be easily rubbed out,' Mr Rei, Northants, Apr 2013

'The Year 1 & 2 Words Secret Scholar is a useful resource and such a good price,' Mr Gardner, Hants, Apr 2013

'Tongue Twister Snap is a really fun game for primary aged children.  They love it.  It's a good way of getting them to be interested in the use of language,' Mrs N K, Mar 2013'

'The Alphabet Cube is very good quality and engaging.  It will help to make the learning process for my daughter ...more interesting. I shall be singing the alphabet song to her as we go through the alphabet together.' Mrs Kelly, Surrey, Mar 2013

'My six year old daughter loves the Cup Cake Dice game and she's pretty maths phobic.  We're all enjoying playing, Mrs Ilkley, London, Mar 2013

'The Times Tables Cube has helped my son more than anything else,' Mrs Shepherd, Marlow, Mar 2013

'I've bought six of these ZooBooKoo Cubes over the years, and I have never know a child not to like them!' Mrs Thorpe, Brighton, Mar 2013

'My grandson just loves Dino Dice.  He's always asking to play the game,' Mrs Mollet, London, Mar 2013

'The ZooBooKoo Dude Dice are ingenious,' Mrs Craig, London, Mar 2013

'Your ZooBooKoo games have been very well received at Painshill Park.  They really are excellent,' Fran Gregson, Painshill, Mar 2013

'The Human Body Cube is fantastic!' Mrs Milton, London, Mar 2013

The Multiplication Times Tables Mat is a good quality item, very handy for extra practice in times tables and can be easily rubbed out,' Mr Reid, Northants, Mar 2013

'We've had our ZooBooKoo Cubes for over 6 years and they are such good quality.  They've never fallen apart in any way or form.  Just great!' Mr Lambert, Kent, Mar 2013

'I gave Dino Dice to my Grandson who is 5.  He loved it,' Mrs Thomas, Herts, Mar 2013

'I bought Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar for my son.  He's now grown out of it and his younger sister is now working her way through it - and the pen still works!' Mrs Bourton, London, Mar 2013

'My grandson is only three, but he loves playing the Dino Dice game,' Mrs Seager, Somerset.

The Times Tables Mat worked very well,' Mrs Brown, Essex, Mar 2013
'My grandson just loves the Human Body Cube,' Mrs Huntley, Surrey, Mar 2013

'We absolutely love the Word Searcher Level 1 game,' Mrs Church, Kent, Mar 2013

'The Word Forming/Spelling Cube definitely helped my nephew with all the sounds and phonics', Mrs Lobue, Essex, Mar 2013

'My son loves this Multiplication Random Magic Mat,' Mr Storie, West Sussex, Mar 2013

'My 3 year old granddaughter loved her Bear Essentials birthday present. Fun and with educational benefit,' Mrs Leveridge, Devon, Mar 2013

'These Cubes are fabulous tools for teaching children. My granddaughter loves them and is already doing multiplication at only four and a half,' Mrs Whalley, Surrey, Mar 2013

I am very satisfied with your products that I bought as presents for my children,' Mrs Hyslop, Mar 2013

The children absolutely love the Word Searcher game,' Mrs Elgood, London, Feb 2013

'Quizonics is fantastic. We play most evenings (2 children aged 6 & 4).  You really find out which words your children do and don't know.  Can't wait to get hold of Quizonics Level 2!' Kirstie Allsopp, Feb 2013

'We are delighted with the ZooBooKoo products and I look forward to ordering again from you,' Mrs Durban, Scotland, Feb 2013

'The Cup Cake Dice game is fab,' Miss Cosway, West Mids, Jan 2013

'The Alphabet Magic Mat is a fantastic item for children just starting school & learning letters with a fun element. Usable over & over again,' Mrs Smith, North Lincs, Jan 2013
'My boys love the 'Dude Dice' game,' She Sells Seashells, Felixstowe, Jan 2013

'The Rattling Scorpion Surprise is a smashing joke, well funny,' Mr Ward, Notts, Jan 2013

'Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is brilliant for my daughter who likes fun and different ways to do maths,' Mrs Pybus, Humberside, Jan 2013

'Maths Wrap Deluxe is brilliant,' Mrs Crundwell, West Sussex, Jan 2013

'I love the  Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar.' Mrs Pybus, Jan 2013

 'My daughter loves the Human Body Cube,' Mrs Eggleston, Notts, Jan 2013

'This is a good value pen,' Ms Brown, Liverpool, Jan 2013

'I got the boys a times table cube from ZooBooKoo - it is fab,' Mrs Walshaw, Yorks, Jan 2013

'The children absolutely love your Dice Games.  They don't even realise they are learning,' Mrs Duncan, Lancs, Jan 2013

'The Human Body Cube is a nice little gift for any age.  It shows all parts of the human body, Ms Mahmood, London, Dec 2012 

'The Year 1 & 2 Write & Spell Book and the Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholars are nice products,' Mrs Thomas, Kent, Dec 2012

'Thank you!  Storyonics is a great idea, especially to take with you when visiting friends or family over the holiday.  Such fun for all.  Excellent,' Mrs Angell,
Cornwall, Dec 2012

'Dino Dice is a good stocking filler,' Mrs Elson, Essex, Dec 2012

'The Cup Cake Dice game is an excellent fun way to practise various numeracy skills,' Mrs Tats, Londdon, Dec 2012

'Even my parents were impressed with the Year 1 & 2 Write & Spell Book.  Since buying this it has encouraged my son to want to learn how to write.  Perfect!' Mrs Rainchild, Dorset, Dec 2012

'I bought Dino Dice for my daughter. She loves it,' Mrs Howes, Somerset, Dec 2012

'Dino Dice is a nice simple little game which helps children with maths without them realising. My Daughter thinks this is a great game,' Mrs Thomas, Kent, Dec 2012

'The Cup Cake Dice game is a very easy way to practise maths.  It's great quality too.  Both my 6 year old and 8 year old enjoy plaing the game,' Lisa, London, Nov 2013

'Your cubes are proving very popular!' Shirley, Mulberry Bush, Oct 2012

'My daughter loves
Cup Cake Dice,' Mrs Simsek, Surrey, Sept 2012

'My kids love your cubes,' Tom Ashton, Brazil, Sept 2012

'Dude Dice Level 1 is great,' Mrs Atkins, Hants, Sept 2012

'The Times Tables Cube and Mental Maths 2 Secret Scholar are A1 and good value for money,' Mrs Brooks, Kent, Sept 2012

'My 5 year old daughter loves her Reception Words Write & Spell,' Mrs Moore, Hants, Sept 2012

'The Dried Scorpion Surprise is amazing fun,' Mrs Curnow, Vale of Glam, Sept 2012

'This is a very useful dry wipe pen,' Mr Quartermain, Tyne & Wear, Sept 2012

'My children have a Dude Dice, Secret Scholar and a Maths Wrap which we all love,' Sue Porter, Angels & Heroes, Sept 2012

'The Random Multiplication Tables Mat is an excellent resource. The children are thoroughly enjoying using them and of course learning their times tables along the way,' Mrs King, Sept 2012

'Love the products...' Barbara Kortland, Australia, Sept 2012

'I love the Maths Wrap - it's absolutely fantastic,' Harriet Green, Herts, Sept 2012 (by phone)

'The Planets Cube is the best thing I've seen in a long time,'  Mr Copping, West Sussex, Aug 2012 (by phone)

'My little boy loves the Alphabet Cube and is now getting really good at naming the letters words start with.  Brilliant!' Mr Livermore, London, Aug 2012

'One of my kids was playing with the Maths Wrap today and loved it!' Mrs Giglio, Edinburgh, Aug 2012 
(by phone)

'Our Bear Essentials are absolutely gorgeous,' Mrs Christie, Berkshire, Aug 2012 (by phone)

'I bought Dino Dice and Cup Cake Dice and the kids think they are great,' Mrs Collyer, Worc, Mar 2013

'My daughter enjoys doing the Times Tables Mat,' Mrs Sage, South Glos, Mar 2013

'My mum bought Dino Dice for my children this week - they love it!' Mrs Walter, Aug 2012

'Dude Dice was a great purchase,' Mrs Smith, Surrey, July 2012

'Our daughter loves the Year 1 & 2 Write and Spell Book, she loves writing and then wiping the sheet clean and starting all over again,' Mr Palomino, Bucks, July 2012

'The Planets Cube is a great item,' Mrs Clark, Lincs, July 2012

'I have tucked Storyonics away for a christmas present but ''hoping that it will develop my child's creative story telling. Looking forward to playing it with him,' Mrs Brown, Northern Ireland, July 2012

'The kids thought the Magic Mats were fun!' Mrs Hayman, West Yorkshire, July 2012

'Great fine line dry wipe markers. My Memo Board pen had run dry and these replacements are even better than the original. Nice dark ink and fine writing so I can fit more on the board ! Really quick delivery too ! Would highly recommend !' Mrs Forte, London, July 2012

'Your cubes are superior for the following reasons: tactile/playability, packaging/appearance, age range, price and uniqueness.  We really appreciate the thought that went into these products,'  Sandra Sandle, 'She Felt Fanciful', Norfolk, June 2012

'The French Phrases Cube is excellent,' Mrs Wilson, Merseyside, June 2012

'Storyonics is a fab product,' Mrs Bowden, York, June 2012

'Amazing Adventure Stories is a brilliant product,' Mrs Clark, Herts, June 2012

'I gave my neice the Word Forming Cube for her birthday. She hasn't put it down,' Mrs Hodges, Kent, June 2012

' The Alphabet Cube and the Numbers Cube are brilliant,' Mrs Head, Middlesex, May 2012

'Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is a great product, thanks,' Mrs Mould, West Sussex, May 2012

'I am very pleased with 'The Alphabet Cube'.  It is a useful gadget for supporting letterwork,' Mrs Bushell, Glamorgan, May 2012

The Human Body Cube is brilliant,' Mr Matthew, Essex, May 2012 

''Congratulations again on a really well thought out and beautifully designed range of kids learning things and for managing to keep the price so reasonable,' Mrs Sandle, Norfolk, May 2012

''I just wanted to let you know that my son has had his Times Tables Cube and his Secret Scholar for three years now and they are still going strong. Of all the things I've bought, those are what he still comes back to because they are such fun,' Mrs Athanasiou, London, May 2012

 'Storyonics is a great game for little ones,' Mrs McNeil, Hants, May 2012

'My grandaughter loves her Bear Essentials.  She's not even three yet and she's putting the sounds together,' Mrs Tizard, Herts, May 2012

 'The Maths Wrap Deluxe seems like a useful learning aid for my duaghter,' Alan Sunderland, Spain, May 2012

I bought Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar ,  Year 1 & 2 Write & Spell Secret Scholar and the Reception Words Secret Scholar - they look like a great learning tool,' Mrs Charles, Port Talbot, May 2012

'Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is a great product,' Mrs Mould, West Sussex, May 2012

'Storyonics is a great little game, and short so the kids do not get bored,' Mrs Cradock, Cambs, May 2012

'The Year 1 & 2 Write & Spell Secret Scholar is a great little item,' Mrs Taylor, Surrey, April 2012

'Storyonics is excellent, really good fun,' Mrs Jones, Anglesey April 2012

 'Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is handy to keep in my bag for my son to do if we are having coffee somewhere to stop him getting bored. He especially likes being able to rub answer to make it appear,' Mrs Wilkinson, Tyne and Wear, April 2012

'The dry erase whiteboard pens are a good product, and with quick delivery,' Mrs Watson, Bucks, April 2012

'We loved these Cubes and I am ordering more!' Mrs Tritton, Kent, April 2012

'Everything is top quality with the World Football Cube. Many thanks,' Mr Flack, Bristol, April 2012

'The Alphabet & Seek and Count Magic Mats,' are a good product,' Mrs McKeown, Renfrewshire, April 2012

'The Human Body Cube is great - perfect for a gift,' 'Mrs Hawkes, Surrey, April 2012

'The dry erase whiteboard pens are good, with quick delivery,' Mrs Francis, Norfolk, April 2012

'The World Football Cube is a splendid gift  and is being much enjoyed by my 8 year old grandson,' Mrs Whitehorn, Bucks, April 2011

'The Year 1 & 2 Write & Spell Secret Scholar is excellent,' Mrs Jay, Suffolk, April 2012

'Storyonics is brilliant - just as described and at a competitive price.  Thank you,' Mrs Simmons, Bristol, March 2012

'The Alphabet & Seek and Count Magic Mats,' are great,' Mrs Wright, London, March 2012

'The dry erase whiteboard pens  are a good product,' Mr Wilkie, Glam, April 2012

'The kids are delighted with the toys, especially the Dude Dice,' Mr Weston, West Yorks, Mar 2012

'The Word Forming Cube is a clever, intelligent gift for a 5 year old.  We are very happy with it,' Mrs Hester, Avon, March 2012

'The  dry erase whiteboard pen  is a fab little pen - thanks,' Mrs Daniels, Renfrewshire, March 2012

'This Add & Subtract Place Mat is a very good buy,' Mrs Nicholls, Middlesex, March 2012

'I Dude Dice this as a gift and it went down well,' Mr Mitchell, East Sussex, March 2012

'The Human Body Cube is great and helfpul fo understanding the body and parts,' Mrs Carlin, Notts, March 2012

'The Human Body Cube is a good revision aid,' Mrs Daniels, Surrey, March 2012 

'The children got the hang of Dino Dice very quickly. ' Dino Dice was rated the highest of a collection of favourite top branded toys and games -  for education (9/10) and for entertainment (10/10) by teacher Sarah Vickery, Exeter, Feb 2012

'I love the Dried Scorpion Surprise, thank you,' Ms Malone, Hants, Feb 2012

'My son loved his World Football Cube,' Mrs Nash, Hampshire, Feb 2012

'The dry erase whiteboard pens are good quality pens, light and thin,' Mr Hornibrook, London, Feb 2012

'The Dinosaur Cube and the Europe Cube have been so popular.  Thans very much,' Mrs Robinson, North Yorks, Feb 2012

'These dry wipe whiteboard pens with the felt eraser on the end are a great product,' Ms Linford, Worcs, Feb 2012

'My grandsons really enjoyed playing and learning with the Alphabet Cube,' Mr Wilsaw, Staffs, Feb 2012

'Maths Wrap is a good product,' Mrs Morley, London, Feb 2012

'We have used some of these products already for our little boy and he loved them, so we have a lot of confidence in them!' Mr Etheridge of Golden Time Toys, Swindon, Feb 2012

'The Human Body Cube is a brilliant item and great fun,' Ms Creagh, London, Feb 2012

'The Alphabet Cube is a great item,' Ms Peberdy, Cheshire, Feb 2012

'The Times Tables Cube is a great purchase,' Mrs Holmes, Kent, Dec 2012

'My son loves his Dino Dice that we bought as an Xmas present,' Mrs Fiddler, Staffs, Dec 2011

'The Add & Subtract Cube is brilliant - such a great item,' Mrs Eerd, Notts, Dec 2012

'I am delighted with the Alphabet & Seek and Count Magic Mats,' Ms MacArthur, Scotland, Dec 2011

'We are very pleased with the World Football Cube,' Mrs Wright, Glasgow, Dec 2011

When they saw mine, 'everyone wanted a Human Body Cube,' Mrs Coster, Hants, Dec 2011

'The Mulitplication Times Tables Magic Mat is a very useful stocking filler,' Mrs Heard, Derbyshire, Dec 2011

'The Human Body Cube is a nice product,' Ms Carpenter, East Sussex, Dec 2011

'The Mental Maths Secret Scholars are rilliant for kids when travelling or bored & kept mine busy for ages! Delivery great too,' Mrs Davidson, Herts, Dec 2011

'What a brilliant product!' - Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar, Mrs Hastings, Lancs, Dec 2011

'I bought the Human Body Cube for a trainee doctor who finds it hilarious and useful to practice on for exams. Great gift,' Mr Ross, Wales, Dec 2011

' Dino Dice are great,' Mr Bunce, London, Nov 2011

'I bought the Human Body Cube for my daughter doing her GCSEs, she then took it to university where she's studying biology, and she's still using it,' Mrs Casale, London, Nov 2011

'The little one has had so much pleasure from the  Bear Essentials,' Mrs Emery, London, Nov 2011

'Dino Dice was great for our Euro Star journey to Disney and back, we played all the time,' Mrs Jackets, East Sussex, Nov 2011

'We have been really impressed with the Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar. It is great to take away and my son loves using it,' Mrs Engley, Wilts, Oct 2011

'I am on holiday in New Zealand and just purchased a New Zealand Wildlife cube book.  It's great!' Mrs Brammall, Australia, Oct 2011

'Those Storyonics are brilliant - I used them at training last week and the volunteers loved them.  Ideally it would be good to have one in every book box,' Mrs Loftus, Volunteer Reading Help, East Kent, 2011

'I bought the Multiplication Random Magic Mat for my daughter.  She liked it and showed her friends to encourage them to buy the same,' Dr Felemban, Barks,

...the ZooBooKoo dry wipe pen with eraser is 'a great pen'..., Mrs Condon, West Sussex, Oct 2011

'My nephew loves the Times Tables Cube we gave him for his birthday,' Mrs Grant, West Mids, Oct 2011

'Dude Dice High Score is great for the grandkids,' Mrs McKay, Wales, Oct 2011

'The multiplication and division tables write on / write off activity mats are a GREAT tool,' Kerri, Florida, Oct 2011

'The Dude Dice game is good fun,' Mrs Fowler, Hants, Aug 2011

'Fab!  My children love these Magic Mats time and time again,' Mrs Brooks, Herefordshire, Aug 2011

'Thank you.  Parcel safely received.  I look forward to some stunningly intelligent grand children.... They do love to fiddle with your ZooBooKoo cubes,' Mrs Trickett, Aug 2011.

'This Dude Dice game is great and just what we needed for practising mental maths!' MrsHenshaw, West Yorks, July 2011

'Many thanks for our corporate cubes - we are very happy with them.  We have to hide them as they keep disappearing,' C Weis, 3M Health Care, July 2011

'My children were transfixed by your ZooBooKoo cubes.  As the long summer holidays are about to begin,  I will buy a couple to keep those brains active,' Emmah Duffus, Angels and Urchins, July 2011

'I used Storyonics with one of the 7 year olds that I read with.  We told an epic 20 minute adventure story and both enjoyed it so much.  I was amazed by the creativity and imagination it brought out of her,' Gareth Walsh, Volunteer Reading Helper, June 2011

'Your ZooBooKoo Cubes are really popular - well done on a great product!' Mrs Kennedy, Ireland, June 2011 

'The ZooBooKoo French Phrases Cube and French Secret Scholar are lots of fun,' Mrs Robertson, Perthshire, June 2011

'The kids enjoy using your Multiplication Times Tables Random Mat,' Mrs Dennison, Yorks, May 2011

'The kids love these Rattling Scorpions.  Thank you!' Mrs Finney, Surrey, April 2011

'Your Multiplication Times Tables Random Mat, is good practice for times tables,' Mrs Frutos, London, April, 2011

'Our cubes arrived yesterday and we are thrilled with them!  We will be sending them out across the globe next week.  Again, many thanks to you and Stephen for delivering on what is a very exciting project for us,' Jo Gregory, Marketing Communications, Aveva, April 2011

' The ZooBooKoo Alphabet Cubes is a fab product,' Mrs Clegg, Southampton, March 2011

'The kids just love the Multiplication Tables Random Magic Mat - hours of fun!' - Mrs Raja, Bucks, Mar 2011

'The Multiplication Tables Random Magic Mat is a great easy clean and easy learn maths game - thanks!' Mrs Sangha, Berks, Mar 2011

'Your ZooBooKoo cubes are a lovely product, many thanks,' Mr Carruth, Cambs, Mar 2011

'Dino Dice is a great product, Mrs Petkov, Newcastle, Feb 2011

'The Dude Dice are going down well with the children.  They love the little Dudes - excellent - thank you!,' Mrs Freeman, Essex, Feb '11

'Dino Dice is a fantastic toy, very educational and good value for money,' Mrs Watchorn, Beds, Jan 2011

'I think the design of Dino Dice is just great.  I would consider buying it as a present for a friend’s child.  I would recommend this without hesitation.  A great game for travelling with that stimulates the imagination and encourages learning,' Mrs Coello, Bizziebaby tester who awarded Dino Dice the Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2010/2011 

'My granddaughter is delighted with her Multiplication Random Magic Mat.  She now works on her times tables instead of watching TV whilst waiting for dinner,' Mrs Stephenson, Herts, Jan 2011

'We live in South America and my mum has sent my children out various games from
ZooBooKoo - all great fun - most recently the Dino Dice for Christmas,' Mr Hubbard, Chile, Jan 2011

Alphabet Magic Mat and the Horrid Handwriting Secret Scholar are excellent products for any child who enjoys wirting and developing their writing skills.  They have been a big hit with my 4 year old,' Mrs West, Lincs, Jan 2011

Human Body cube is a fantastic educational 'device'... - a really clever idea and very well executed, this cube opens and re-folds to display different aspects of human biology.  A good gift for any person who needs to learn and memorise the names of bones, muscles, organs...,' Mr B Higgens, Jan 2011

'The children enjoyed playing with the
Dude Dice and I'm hoping that the game will improve their maths - I am sure it will,' Mrs Beach, Beds, Jan 2011
Dude Dice games are brilliant educational toys. A must have for any child really as the learning from them is immense. My children like maths and they are getting such a buzz from the Dude Dice and they are learning their tables, etc. everyone can benefit from this game. For a child... not so good at maths it would even be more beneficial,' Mrs McDonnell, Ireland, Dec 2010

'My children (age 8 & 5) just love your
Maths Wrap - they'll get the other gifts I bought from ZooBooKoo on Christmas Day!' Mrs Robertson, Yorks, Dec 2010

'I bought the  Mulitplication Times Tables Magic Mat for my 9 year old who struggles with times tables.  She loves it.  It was a bit different to what I expected.  It is a laminated sheet but the heat sensitive answer part works well,' Mrs Bridge, Kent, Nov 2010

'All our ZooBooKoo stock has sold really well, and I will be getting in touch with you this week to order some more!' Jennie Hogg, Cachao Toy Cafe, London, Nov 2010

'We particularly like the Multiplication Times Tables Cube  because of the useful locating arrows..., bright colours..., siblings can test each other whatever their level..., it is not school-like!' Helping You To Help Your Children product review, Nov 2010

'Everybody admires my Human Body cube and my seriously ill boyfriend has learnt about his condition through the cube,' Mrs T, London, Nov 2010

'My son plays with his Dinosaur Cube all the time,' Mrs R, Kent, Nov 2010

'... The 'Human Body Cubes' are great. Thanks again for your hard work on this. We have had rave reviews about them. They're a big hit,' Stacey Howe of MLMC Toronto, Nov 2010

'The Multiplication Random Times Table Magic Mat is invaluable for times tables practice for primary school children,'  Mrs Cunning, County Antrim, Nov 2010

'I love that learning can be fun and in fact my children can learn without knowing they are learning...' Great Toy Guide, about Bear Essentials World of Letters, Oct 2010

'The Multiplication Times Tables Cube is fantastic value... and so compulsive to use.  Maxi has taken it to bed with him each night,' Great Toy Guide, Oct 2010

'We are very pleased with ZooBooKoo's Butterfly Maze Cube,' Mrs W, Lancs, Oct 2010

'The European Nations Cube is a great product that makes a great gift,' Mrs C, S Yorks, Oct 2010

'We recently took delivery of your Cube Books, which we are delighted with,' Shetland Times Shop, Oct 2010

'These Word Forming Cubes are fab pressies,' Mrs McT, Surrey, Oct 2010

'The Planets Cube and the Human Body Cube are nice products,' Mrs S, Essex, Oct 2010

'The Dude Dice High Score and Dude Dice Winning Words pack are great value,' Mr S, Surrey, Sept 2010

'With continuing fears about British children's falling standards in numeracy, the reusable, double-sided activity Magic Mats are the perfect way for parents to help their children,' Families North West London, Sept 2010

'The Grammar and World Cubes that ZooBooKoo manufacturered for us in Dutch look great indeed,' Mrs B, The Netherlands (Dutch distributor), Aug 2010

'On a rainy day like today the Dude Dice games have come in extremely handy,' Mrs P, Suffolk, July 2010

'These Dude Dice games - High Score and Winning Words - are excellent.  My son loves them and they make learning fun,' Mrs S, Lincolnshire, July 2010

'ZooBooKoo's cube books are entertaining budget boredom busters for the holidays,' J Life Leeds Magazine, July 10

 'The Dude Dice games are really fun.  I would definitely recommend your products - they are very different,' Mrs Smith, Suffolk, July 2010

'All your products are very good because of the learning angle,' Mrs H, Suffolk, July 2010

'The Horrid Handwriting Secret Scholar is a good piece of kit,' Mrs S, Oxon, July 2010

'I think your stuff is super, especially those Secret Scholars,' Mrs K, Peterborough, July 2010

'I do so love your Multiplication Times Tables Cube, it is so clever,' Mrs Lilian G, Dorset, July 2010

'Our sons are delighted with all the Magic Mats and the Maths Wrap Deluxe that I bought, thank you,' Mrs C, South Yorkshire, July 10

 'We've been delighted with your ZooBooKoo products - I think I have almost bought everything.  The children particularly love taking the Cube Books to show and tell at school and the teachers always say 'Wow! - where did you get that?' Mrs N, Dorset, July 2010

'Thank you so much for your help!  These cubes are really cool!  Education in a fun way!' Mrs L, London, July 10

'Splendid educational toys for our little smashers,' Mr L, London, July 10

'I bought Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar as a gift for my daughter, who's 6 and loves to do sums.  This should help her lots,' Mrs P, Worcs, June 10

'The Addition and Subtraction Cube and the Word Forming Cube for Key Stage 1 are excellent educational toys,' Mr M, Tyne & Wear, June 10

'Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is a good quality product,' Mrs Nanson, June 10

'The Times Tables Cube is a colourful fun cube that unfolds to reveal the times tables 1-12.  Numbers are also shown in French, Spanish and German.  The cube has a tactile feel to it that we liked,'  Angels and Urchins, June 10

'Your Human Body Cube is a great concept and educational tool,' Mrs E, Sydney, June 10

'I saw your Human Body cube book on a colleague's desk and liked it very much,' Mrs P,
May 10

It was great to discover a website with so many educational games.  I'm sure I'll be back!  I'm a teaching assistant, and will definitely be making the school aware of your website,' Mrs Garnham,
Beds, May 10

'I have my Times Tables Cube on my desk at school and not a day goes by without a child picking it up and playing with.  A great product,' Mr C, Dorset, March 10 

'My daughter is loving her magic Seek and Count mat, and her Alphabet and Numbers Cubes,' Mrs K, London, Jan 10

'Demon Dice is a great gift for the reluctant mathematician!  I enjoyed playing this with my son,' Mrs P, Co Durham, Jan 10

'My nephew loved his World Football Cube,' Mrs D, Humberside, Jan 10

'The girls loved the Butterfly Maze Cubes,' Mrs B, West Yorks, Jan 10

'I bought the World Football Cubes for presents for my grandsons aged 6 and 14 and for my husband who is a lot older.  They are all very interested in football and the cubes proved great fun to all three over the Christmas period,' Mrs V, Berks, Jan 10

'That multiplication tables random magic mat is a great product,' Mrs E, Hants, Jan 10

'Both my girls have thoroughly enjoyed their Butterfly Maze Cubes and the rest of us have used them as stress relievers!' Mrs A, Yorks, Jan 10

'The French Phrases Cube Books is an ideal gift for youngsters learning French,' Mrs M, Berks, Dec 09

'I bought 8 Magic Mats and 4 Cube Books.  These are fantastic products,' Mrs S, Germany, Dec 09

'The World Football Cube is a great little gadget,'  Mrs P, Somerset, Dec 09

'I am very pleased with our Times Tables Cube,' Mrs M, Dorset, Nov 09

'This Add & Subtract Cube and the Diva Dice I bought are very good,' Mrs C, London, Nov 09

'We are delighted with the Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar, thank you!' Mrs H, Norway, Nov 09

'These cubes are clever, educational and offer a tactile format that's intriguing to kids and adults alike.  The price is fantastic making this the perfect fit and stocking filler.' Laura - Great Toy Guide, No 09

'We really enjoyed playing Diva Dice.  It only took a few minutes to pick up the rules and it's suitable for the whole family to play along.  I really liked how the game encourages the children to play with mental maths and how they didn't realise how much they were learning as they played,' Sue, Great Toy Guide, No 09

'My daughter loves your French Phrases cube - it is interesting, fun and compact.  She is going to take it with her on a trip to France in the middle of December,' Mrs C, Suffolk, Nov 09

'I am really pleased with this gift (Acronymia) and the prompt service,' Mr L, Wales, Nov 09

'These Diva Dice are perfect for my kids,' Mrs H, Spain, Nov 09

'The Human Body Cube is a brilliant product!  Such a useful study tool to get to grips with the body.  I would like so see more subjects on these cubes! A+++++++,' Mrs S, Middlesex, Oct 09

The Seek and Count and Alphabet Magic Mats 'are wonderful for a small child, most enjoyable,' Mrs M, London, Oct 09

'This Mental Maths 1 Secret Scholar is great and my daughter is delighted with it,' Debbie M, Lancs, Oct 09

'This is a lovely cube - I work in a school and the kids love them,' Mrs H, Lancs

'The add & subtract cube is a fab product,' Emma J, Notts, Oct 09

'Our World Football cube arrived on Saturday... my son loved it,' Angela T, Herts, Oct 09

'Try some new products on the market which call upon movement to boost learning like Maths Wrap.  It is a hands-on devise that helps children to memorise their times tables and understand the process of multiplication,' Susan Walls, Junior Magazine, June 09

'The multiplication tables cube is super - very easy to use and follow, not too big for little hands.  Certainly takes the pressure off me wondering what 7x8 is!' K White, Glos, Sept 09

The Key Stage 1 Secret Scholars - Mental Maths 1, Horrid Handwriting and Silly Spellings - are 'excellent - great items,' Judith W, Lancs, Oct 09

'My grandchildren loved the cubes.  I gave them the Alphabet, Times Tables and the World Football Cube,' J George, Guernsey, Aug 09

'The children are certainly motivated by Maths Wrap and they clearly work.  I will definitely be using them with future classes,' C Moseley, Norfolk June 09

'My sons love Demon Dice - and it teaches them maths too,' D Smith, Essex Sept 09 (featured in the Daily Mirror)

'I tried Demon Dice with my 10 year old son and we had loads of fun.  He thought the demons were really cool and the game was quick and enjoyable,' C Hall, Cheshire, Sept 09

'I would like to purchase more of the Human Body cubes for my nurses as a gift.  I have one on my desk and all the staff love it,' K nicolson, Australia, Aug 09

'Really pleased, I had read reviews on this product but was surprised at just how good they were. Very fast delivery and well packaged,' Sarah S, June 09
'These cubes are a great product,' Lucy G, June 09 

'Love the Human Body cube!' Joce H, June 09 

'These cubes are fantastic, fun and easy to use,' Joanne L, June 09

'Isaac has already enjoyed trying to beat us and win the demons whilst working on his mental maths.  Dude Dice is a simple but great idea!' Belinda, Maunsell, Families Vale of York, May 09

'Demon Dice is a simple, easy to learn and yet beneficial game.  We particularly liked having the bag to carry the dice in.  Many thanks for a great invention!' Rachel P, Suffolk, Jan 09

'My daughter takes her Horrid Handwriting Secret Scholar in the car and has easily picked up joined-up writing,' Mrs Nayar, London, Mar 09

'Cube books are cleverly-designed playthings that are educational, tactile, visual and above all fun.  ... and they are so useful in getting children's attention and interest,' Mij F, Craniosacral Therapist, Apr 09

'My son loved the Maths Wrap and has spent time doing it in the car and has really enjoyed it,' Tim W, Parenting Without Tears, May 09

'Your cube books are of a great construction with visual appeal...' Janet O, Dyslexia & Special Needs Tutor, Mar 09

'ZooBooKoo's cube books are ingenious...' David, Toytalk, Apr 09 

'This Mental Maths 2 Secret Scholar does exactly as expected and my daughter has already shown improvements in her addition and subtraction,' S Kington, Mar 09

'The Diva Dice game is easy to play, addictive and portable. A fun game that adults can play alongside the children without getting bored. Recommended', J Billham, Apr 09

'Your cubes are fabulous," Grant F, Australia, May 09 

'This Multiplication Tables Random Magic Mat is good and easy to use', A Walker, May 09

'Maths Wrap is a great idea, brilliant for kinesthetic learners and perfect for KS2.  We were so impressed we ordered the same again the very next day!' Mrs McLellan, Headteacher, Hoddom Primary School, Jan 09

'My four year old daughter has loved playing with her cube and she brings it in the car on school run or sits playing with it at bed time. Her reading has really taken off as she can now recognise combinations of letters making a "sound" in words and also has started writing little stories using the "cube sounds" as she calls them. As a parent I am delighted that she has learn SO much, in such a fun way. Now that she can read short stories she just wants to read to me all the time and I am thrilled she has started to discover the joy of books. Thanks Zoobookoo for teaching her without her realising she was learning!' Mrs Claydon

'After taking a diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, I needed a quick reference tool to refresh my memory when dealing with different areas of the body. The Human Body Cube fits the bill perfectly, and saves thumbing through pages and pages of books', SW, Wessex, Mar 09

'My children (aged 5 and 7) love these. Children like to fiddle with things. Ours have had plenty of use and are still going strong', C Evans, Apr 09

'My daughter has a few of your cubes and she just loves them - she can't put them down!' Susan H, Apr 09

'I recently purchased some cubes for my children and am hugely impressed...' Tania S, Mar 09

'These cubes are a fun way to assist in education as well as helping with dexterity.  They are quite solid and don't fall apart', Families On Line, Apr 09

'Maths Wrap is excellent!' Marty Jopson, TV Science Presenter, Nov 08

'I was very impressed with the quality of this Human Body Cube', Miss H John, Feb 09

'The Multiplication Tables Cube is a great product for children learning their tables. All the answers are there and they can hide colour-coded answers with their fingers to self test. This is a really cool product and a great way to learn I strongly recommend it', Sue J, Mar 09

'Really great product - I would really recommend these cubes and there are lots of different themes. The football cube went down a storm with my footy mad boys and their not interested in football sister!' A Whawell, Feb 09

'...My three cubes arrived yesterday and have proved to be an instant success! My 6 year old son was really pleased.  He took them to bed with him - and lined them up so he could see them as he fell asleep.  When I looked at him later he was clutching the (Dolphin &) Whale cube!  When he climbed out of bed this morning he came padding downstairs holding the word forming cube!  He then had the dilemma of which cube did he take to school with him today to show his teacher!Thank you. You've made a small boy (and his mum) very happy!'  Emma M, Feb 09


' ...This is a brilliant idea!   My daughter has had so much fun learning all of the countries!...  Well done for making a fantastic product and keep up the good work with new titles.  My daughter can't wait until I buy him another cube...' Mrs Worm, West Sussex


'...I have purchased your cubes and my young son loves them.  Because of this I am interested in raising funds through your product for our local parent and toddler group...'  Mrs McNaughton


'My son has your Alphabet cube and absolutely adores it...  So thanks again from two extremely satisfied customers...'  Peter, VG


'...I bought two at the Country Living Fair and the kids love them and actually fight over them!  I have three kids, so now I'll even out the numbers by having six cubes!'  Sarah, London


'...My niece and nephew loved them, and the cubes had to be prised out of the hands of my own 14 month old - she loved them too.  Well done on a wonderful product,' Margaret, Yorkshire


‘My daughter was given one of the cubes for her birthday and all three children have fiddled for hours with them.  I also think they are incredibly well priced.’ Kate, Lancashire


‘I bought your Human Body Cube for my 15 year old son to help him with his
biology.  It created a lot of interest (and jealousy!) amongst his cousins…’
Mrs J, Warwickshire


‘I think this is a wonderful invention (multiplication tables cube)  – what a fun way to learn the tables,' Mrs P, Midlands


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